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BSR Hobby Radio Report #2 (BSR Shortwave service #7 ) – February 4, 2016 BSR Hobby Radio Report #2 (BSR Shortwave service #7) – February 4, 2016

First aired on International Shortwave Radio Station WBCQ on 5110 khz at 7:30 pm CST Thursday, February 4, 2016/1:30 a.m. UTC, February 5.

Program Outline:

  1. A discussion on my recent changes to my equipment for both Shortwave listening and for ham radio communications.
    1. Thanks to Ebay, I finally got a decent multi-band multi-mode ham radio, a Yaesu FT-817ND. Still learning the ropes of it but I’m kinda blown away by how excellent it is for SWL purposes. Not as cheap as a portable SW receiver but wow, it’s pretty awesome.
    2. Antenna wise, I’m currently using a CB antenna adapted for 10 meter use for SWL. It is mounted on the side of the house and so far is working well.
    3. Still using some remotes, especially Remote Ham Radio’s remote in Palmas Barrio in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.
  2. My plans for activating the OKC National Memorial for the ARRL’s National Parks on the Air Event, along with tips for others considering urban NOTA activations.
    1. Challenges – location is not good for mounting big antenna – this is a solemn place, I don’t want to do anything to disturb the reverent atmosphere of the place.
    2. Leaning towards running maybe maybe 10, 15 or 20 meters HF and then doing some 2 meter and 70 cm work.
    3. Why VHF/UHF??? – Rules require simplex only, not repeater, but in urban environment, many brand new technicians can reach me simplex with a simple HT. This makes it a great way of anyone, even a brand new technician to get to be chaser for NPOTA.— Also big plus is that antenna size isn’t a problem, however tall buildings in the area may be.
    4. Location for operating — maybe move around some. Need to confirm boundaries of the park to confirm compliance with ARRL rules, but possibly sidewalk on the north side of the museum building, or maybe near the Survivor tree (which might give some degree of line of sight shot to Edmond). Another possibility is on the raised platform just south of the reflecting pool and the lighted memorial chairs. Even metal flag poles there, which might work as an antenna!
  3. Some commentary on what makes for good shortwave radio.
    1. Interesting content that can’t be found easily elsewhere –
      1. Radio Romania International’s recipe segments
      2. Detailed encyclopedic content from Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio
    2. Local culture and color – Radio Havana Cuba does this the best. Everything from Ed Newman describing the weather conditions that day in the Cuban capital, to the segments on important flora and fauna, and of course a broad range of local music, including not only traditional styles but also more modern styles. RHC sounds like no one else and I wish more major broadcasters would adopt this approach instead of sounding so vanilla.
    3. Awareness of the international context — Sadly most domestic broadcasters seem to not understand the Shortwave service is intended for an international audience, hence there is a ridiculous amount of paranoid ranting from people like Ralph Stair, Peter J. Peters, as well as quite bit of straight up racism and stoking of the fires of bigotry and war.
  4. A report on my SWL logs for January 2016 (to be continued on Saturday)

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