Pointing Left with Serena Blaiz -Episode #1 – News, Events and Commentary on Left Activism in Oklahoma (BSR9)

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BSR is proud to be airing a new show on Broad Spectrum Radio, Pointing Left. The host for this program is Serena Blaiz, a long-time veteran peace and social justice activist, who will be reporting on news and events in the left-activism community in Oklahoma. This will be a weekly show online and possibly in the mix on over-the-air radio in the near future, depending on our budget.

Pointing Left with Serena Blaiz – Episode #1, February 7, 2016 by Broadspectrumradio on Mixcloud



In this show:

  • MUSIC: Patti Smith – People Have the Power
  • NEWS
    • Nonsense from Sally Kern
    • Original Oklahoma State Flag License Plate
    • Senator James Lankford did something good?!
    • Michael Moore needs your help
  • MUSIC: Jackson Browne – I am a patriot (live
    • OK Policy Institute Trainings
    • Muslim Day at the Capitol
    • Human Community Gathering
    • OU Lecture on Israel and the Palestinian Territories
    • Take Root Conference
  • MUSIC: Pete Seeger – Which side are you?
  • EDITORIAL – Margaret Swimmer
  • MUSIC: Woody Guthrie – This land is your land

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