BSR Movement Music – Episode 2 – Theme: Environmental Justice

First broadcast on International Shortwave Radio Station WBCQ from Monticello Maine at 7:30 p.m. EST February 18/01:30UTC February 19, 2016 and also streamed on the Broad Spectrum Radio’s Mixcloud Channel as well as archived in downloadable podcast form at

Series Introduction: Movement Music is a monthly radio show featuring music from and inspired by the great movements for peace and social justice in world history, with each episode normally focusing on a topical theme. — To give credit where credit it is due, the program is inspired by the “Music with Message” regular segment on the Radio Havana Cuba English language program on shortwave radio.

Note to my listeners and friends. I am always looking for song suggestions. Please feel free to send them to me via email (jmb at jmb dot bike) or to post them on our facebook page for Broad Spectrum Radio.

Host: James M. Branum

This episode: Songs from or inspired by the movements for Global Environmental Justice

Songs played on this episode:

1.Series and Episode Intro by BSR-Host
2.Earth First! by Darryl Cherney
3.Electric Car by They Might Be Giants
4.I need to wake up by Melissa Etheridge
5.PSA – Global Warming by Reece Crawford
6.Gentle Arms of Eden by Dave Carter & Traacey Grammer
7.PSA-Biodiversity by seadiscdhs
8.Steve Irwin Tribute by MelodySheep
9.Fireweed Mountain by Seth Martin (live on a mountain)

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