Okie Radio Show – March 14, 2016 – BroadSpectrumRadio.com Program #41

CORRECTION 20160321: This show was incorrectly labeled as BSR Program #38, but it is actually cataloged as BSR Program #41. Sorry for the Confusion.


okieradioshow-logo1The Okie Radio Show (soon to be renamed)
Episode #1
March 14, 2016
(BroadSpectrumRadio.com Program #38)

First aired on International Shortwave Radio Station Channel 292 of Rohrbach, Bavaria, Germany on 16:00 UTC, March 14, 2016 at 6070 khz.

The Okie Radio Show features excerpts from Pointing Left Podcast and other local podcasts, as well as spoken word and music. The theme of the programming is Oklahoma-centric (with content created by Okies or inspired by Oklahoma in some way) but intended for an international audience on shortwave radio… in other words, we want to give our listeners an alternative take on our much misunderstood state and its history.

In this episode:

Full show credits and other details can be found on the show page at broadspectrumradio.com. Excerpted podcast segments are used under a creative commons license, but some content is either public domain or used under fair use rules of the copyright laws. Background music used for some elements of this show is used under a creative commons license from The Fish Who Saved the Planet.

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