Tonight’s programming on WBCQ

Hello listeners…

I haven’t had time to create the show pages for tonight’s programming on WBCQ (airing at 6 pm CDT/00:00 UTC), but if you hear us and are looking for the show pages, I will post them later tonight.

The programs are: Pointing Left #6 with Serena Blaiz and Movement Music – Special St. Patrick’s Day edition.

Also, a note to regular listeners… I’m obviously not following the regular broadcasting schedule right now. Life circumstances and other issues have conspired to get me off track. But you can count on the fact that there will be BSR programming at the designated times on WBCQ and Channel 292, but not that the particular programs listened on the BSR schedule will be aired. I’m sorry about that but I will get back on track soon.

In the meantime, in a few minutes go to: to listen live (tune to 7490 khz and set it to AM mode).

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