Peace Buzz #5 – Bringing Social Ethics To Business With Benefit Corporations

Peace Buzz

with Serena Blaiz
Episode #5
May 26, 2016
Peace Buzz is a radio program and podcast from Upwave Media, a project of the Center for Conscience in Action. It is hosted and produced by Serena Blaiz. Visit for more info.


Aired on International Shortwave Radio Stations:

* WBCQ, Monticello, Maine, USA – 7490 khz to Eastern North America and beyond, May 26, 2016, 23:00 UTC

* Channel 292, Rohrbach, Bavaria, Germany – 6070 khz to Europe, North Africa and surrounding areas, Date TBA
* Unique Radio, Halls Creek/Tamsworth, NSW, Australia – 3210 khz to Eastern parts of Australia and beyond, Date TBA
And aired via the Mixcloud streaming service or available as a MP3 download via


In episode 5, first aired on May 26, 2016, we explore some exciting developments in the world of capitalism. Yes, you heard that right! Benefit corporations are a new business model that brings balance to the exploitative excesses that have led to injustice, tragedy, and worker revolts.

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