KG5JST DX Radio Report August 25, 2016

KG5JST DX Radio Report
Recorded August 25, 2016 by James M. Branum


Covering August 13-25, 2016

Note the following are my script/notes for the recorded program. The wording might slightly differ from what I said, as I sometimes tweak it a little on the fly. Also these notes include material that was not included in the radio program/podcast, mostly at the end, so think of these notes as a bit of an expanded version of the show…


This report is from KG5JST, James Branum, and is about the hobbies of DX or long distance radio listening, including shortwave and medium wave broadcasts, as well as some discusion of the hobby of amateur radio, aka ham radio.

In this report, all frequencies given are in kilohertz and all times and dates are in UTC, which is five hours behind Central Daylight time in Oklahoma. Also dates for this show are from August 2016.

Also unless otherwise noted, all receptions w ere completed in OKC metro area.


Before I get started, I wanted to send a special shout out to Aussie Tim at Unique Radio 3210 in Australia who airs this program both on his station and via his program on WINB. I had the chance to catch one of his recent programs online and really enjoyed it and especially got a kick out of hearing one of my requests, the Traveling Wilbury’s.


OK, so Let’s get started…


On the ham side of things, I spent most of hobby time working on antennas. Like many folks, I live in a neighborhood with rules against large visible antennas, so I’ve been experimenting with various techniques to get dipole antenna up in the air but in a way that can be easily taken down after a session of being on air. I haven’t found a great solution yet, since our home only has short trees (the oldest being 5 years old) but I’ve tried several things that haven’t worked, so I’m mulling over the possibility of doing a mag loop in the future.

I also have been experimenting with various antenna configurations to do HF radio work while riding my bike. So far I’m occasionally able to login to the local Route 66 10-10 net on Monday nights at 28390 by way of my bicycle antennas but not consistently, but I have had much better luck with plain ol’ shortwave radio listening on the bike.

Anyway lot’s to try out and learn, mostly limited by my budget and the limits of my boxes of electronic junk to experiment with. I’ll definitely share more on a future broadcast.


For DX radio listening…


Lots of Radio Havana Cuba over the last 2 weeks, including…

Aug 15th, 05:23 6100k RHC Eng. SR 5-6, mailbag show, included mention that Granma newspaper now offers subscriptions to international readers

Aug 18th -02:58  6165k SR 5-5 Start of show with Jermain Jones (?spelling) filling in for Ed Newman, later on the same show heard again between 04:00-05:00 at 6165k (SR 5-8), 6100 k (SR 5-9), and 6060 khz (SR 5-8).

Aug 21, 04:50 6000k RHC English, piano music then end of show SR 3-4, later on heard more of the day’s program at 05:08 on 6000k (SR 4-5) and at 6100 (SR 5-5) with Ed Newman talking about turnover in Trump’s campaign

Aug 21, 05:13 5040k RHC English – Commentary discussion of drug gang violence in Mexico, arguing that US banks and police must be collaborating and taking money to allow so much money to be exchanged. (I’m not sure I about that at all) Commentator then spoke of the terrible human cost and how much it upset him as a father to see so many young people pulled into drugs, and then closed with, “from Sunny Havana Cuba, free of drugs, this is Alberto Guipe” (I’m not sure on the spelling of his last name), – The last part confused me. Was he saying that he is drug-free or is he saying Havana is? If the later, I’m not buying it.

Aug 21 05:52 6100k, SR 5-7 – Jazz program with Jermain Jones (Spelling?) ended show, then a few minutes before the top of the hour the next show started, with this day in history, headline news and the claim that the USA is still providing illegal cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia — as a side note, I fact checked this statement and it looks like it was happening very recently but allegedly is not happening at this moment, that is if you believe the US authorities.

Aug 22 02:50 6000k English SR 5-5 Cuban music, end of show then start of next hour with week in review and commentary on the TPP and Fracking, later at 03:38 I heard the mailbag show on same frequency.

Aug 25 00:10 9710k SR 4-4 RHC in Spanish

Aug 25 06:14 5040k SR 5-9 Excellent tropical band reception of English lang show. Mailbag show started at 06:35, with reminders that they love reception reports sent to radiohc(at)enet(dot)cu. Later at 06:52 I heard arts round up until about 06:55 when Spanish language voice came on abruptly and then radio silence. Strange…. But when I switched over to 6060k (SR 5-7) and 6100k (SR 5-8), I heard the remainder of the Arts Round up and the close of the show.

Aug 25 19:28 15140k SR 4-4 RHC in English – coverage of Italian earthquakes, discussion of the impacts to the US embargo on cuba and the use of bicycles in Havana, and then Carrib. Music show.


Also a lot of Radio New Zealand Int’l…

Aug 21 05:26 – 11725 RNZI, SR 3-3 News, again at 06:05 SR 2-3

Aug 25 00:15 – 17840 RNZI, SR 5-8 Very interesting conversation between D.B.C. Pierre, author of Release the Bats: Writing your way out of it a book about writing, author shared story of speaking on writing at a prison and having a prisoner express fears that his remembrance of life on the outside had faded too much to enable him to write well. The program was from the Books & Arts show.

Aug 25 07:16 7245k RNZI, SR 5-8 Took awhile to figure out who this was as no station ID’s given for a long stretch and online shortwave schedules I checked didn’t show an English language program. FInally though I did confirm this was a broadcast aimed at Papua New Guinea by Radio New Zealand Intl. – Most of what I heard was discussion of an attempt to make sense of the mystery of the Pitcairn Island Pigtails, followed by financial news, olympics coverage and finally station ID which confirmed what I found from the RNZI website.


Very excited to get to hear WRNO, shortwave station that has been off the air for awhile in NOLA

Aug 23 02:57 7505k SR 5-9 gospel music and CCM songs

Aug 25 01:58 7505 k SR 5-9 religious music then sta. ID, then at 02:00 start of show from Pastor Ray Bentley who has normal “turn and burn’ message, emphasizing “wrath of God,” etc. I’m a fairly religious person, but I don’t understand the appeal of this kind of message at all.

OUT OF TIME – Remaining notes were not used for the radio program, but included here for interest of listener/readers…

Other shortwave listening…

Aug 18th, 1:39, 9965k Radio Cairo, SR 2-2 I seldom hear this one. Arabic lang. Talk with some music

Aug 18th, 1:42 9730k Radio Romania Int’l, SR 4-4 in French, talk and music.

Aug 18th 1:44 CRI, SR 4-3, transmitting from Cerrick, Albania in English. Discussion of Olympic results from China in table tennis and women’s volleyball.

Aug 18th 1:48 9490k R. Republica – Spanish talk transmitting from Issoudun, France, broadcasting originating from the US-based Cuban Democratic Directorate.

Aug 18th 1:50 9475k WTWW – The late pastor peters ranting about “Jezebels” praying that God would “deal with them as you see fit,” he also argues that women aren’t submissive enough to their husbands… personally I hope that when ol’ Peters gets to the pearly gates, he has to make some amends before they let him for all of the spousal abuse that his words condoned over the years.

Aug 19th, 20:55 105,700 FM KGOU rebroadcast of BBC world service – interview with Ann Coulter discussing Trump.

Aug 21 07:13 9330k Spy Numbers in Spanish

Aug 21st, 21:50 9265k – WINB SR 4-4, Mennonite Radio, recent episode with all music by Mennos, followed by station ID and then “The weekend show”

Aug 21 05:12 6180k RNAdB – Music in port, station ID SR 4-4

Aug 21 – 05:15 – 7365k Radio Marti, surprisingly not facing jamming, playing “Rock you like a hurricaine”

Aug 21 05:23 10000k, US goverment time stations – WWV from Ft. COllins, CO SR 5-5, WWVH from Hawaii, SR 3-4 – just a reminder, the male voice is WWV and the female voice is WWVH.

Aug 21 05:27 Deutche Welle in Englist, SR 3-3 from Talata-Volundry

Aug 21 05:35 Vatican Radio SR 4-4 Choral music

Aug 21 05:37-06:00 Lots of ham CQ calls for North America QSO party on 40 meters. I tried to answer N5YA and NV9L but no luck.

Aug 24 16:51 SR 5-9 from W6VAH, one side of ham qso’s from Jerry Pettis VA hospital ARC at Lorba Linda, CA

Aug 24 17:22 13710k Radio Saudi, Arabic, sounds like maybe the call to prayer. Super strong at 5-5, also heard Radio Saudi in Arabic at 15435k at 17:34, this time two men in conversation in Arabic. I picked out the words “Muhamed” and “Muslim” but that is all. It is amazing to me how much Arabic sounds like Hebrew.

Aug 24 17:45 15610 WEWN – good advice for change from religious program, the host encouraged caller to find a good cognitive behavioral therapist to deal with trauma response from PTSD

Aug 24 23:49 5025k Radio Rebelde in Spanish – SR 4-5, heard station ID

Aug 24 23:54 7490k WBCQ – Radio Alexandria – very interesting, good discussion of the importance of shortwave radio

Aug 25 02:02 7385k WHRI – World Harvest Radio show from S. Bend Indiana.

Aug 25 02:32 7365k R. Marti – cuban music and station ID SR 5-8 with no jamming

Aug 25 02:36 15000k WWVH from Hawaii SR 3-3, but no WWV. Must still be daylight in the Pacific given the frequency.

Aug 25 02:48 7490k WBCQ Allan Weiner world wide show talking about how terrible war is and why it is always a failure for humankind (yeah!), then followed by station ID and then Brother Scare hollering. I understand that WBCQ and other US shortwave radio stations depend on BS and other crazies to pay the bills (and that WBCQ in particular prides itself on extreme free speech promotion), but I wish we progressives could buy more of the air time to drown out the Brother Scares of this world.

Medium wave listening


Aug 18th, 16:000 890k KTLR – BSR Shalom #1 rerun, followed by KTLR Friday news

Aug 21 02:01 890k WLS – Chicago white sox post-game coverage

Aug 21 02:04 870k WWL in Nola, preseason coverage of Houston TExas v. Nola Saints

Aug 21 02:10 820k WBAP in DFW – very interseting show about evolution of flying animals. Interview with Matt WIlkinson author on the John Basler Show.

Aug 21 02:21 750k WSB Atlanta – conservative talk, Hannity

Aug 21 02:24 740k KRMG Tulsa – same conservative talk show as in Atlanta

Aug 21 02:26 730k WLW Cincinnati, Ohio – 1030 pm local newsreport, local traffic and wx

Aug 21 02:40 670k three stations kept coming in and out, WSCR sports in CHicago, KHGZ Caddo County in Benton, Arkansas, and WWFE in Miami. First two stations confirmed with station ID’s, while 3rd station is only suspected since it was only spanish lang station likely to be heard.

Aug 23 17:52 1050k XEG in Span.


Lots and lots of RHC


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