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BSR Magazine Show #7 with extended excerpt from Exploring Aspergia #11

Exploring Aspergia/BSR Magazine Show
“Hearing Dr. Temple Grandin at an Autism Conference”
September 9, 2016
Hosted by James & Becky Branum


IMPORTANT NOTE FROM JAMES: This program (aired on over the air radio) mostly consists of shorter version of a longer episode of Exploring Aspergia from Upwave Media. Please check back soon for a link to a full-length version of the show. We also need to apologize to Upwave Media for failing to mention them as the funding source and primary backer of Exploring Aspergia in the OTA broadcast. This will be fixed on the extended version but I wanted to mention it now in the show notes for the sake of clarity.


In this episode James & Becky tell about their experiences of attending a conference on Aspergers/Austism issues in Oklahoma City hosted by Future Horizons and held at Oklahoma Christian University, particularly their reflections on getting to hear and meet Dr. Temple Grandin.

Photo: Meetng Dr. Temple Grandin


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