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BSR Friday Show – September 30, 2016

BSR Friday Show September 30, 2016

hosted by James M. Branum
Broad Spectrum
Broad Spectrum Radio - Oklahoma Local BroadcastsAired on KTLR Community Talk Radio 890 am in Oklahoma City
Includes the KG5JST DX Radio Report (aired with permission)

The basic script (which might differ a bit from what was actually said on the air in small ways) follows:

Welcome to the Friday BSR Show, from Broad

A program for listeners of Community Talk Radio, KTLR 890 am in Oklahoma City.


IN this episode, I’ll share about the upcoming Mennonite Harvest Festival in Oklahoma City which will be followed by the KG5JST DX Radio report, so stay tuned…


(Old 606 – music in background)

In celebration of the harvest season, we are hosting a family friendly party to enjoy the fall weather and seasonal offerings at Joy Mennonite Church, 504 NE 16th Street in Oklahoma City!

Bring a dish to share with what’s fresh from your garden or available at the Farmer’s Market! We’ll have activities for kids as well as fun opportunities to contribute money to Joy Mennonite Church. Mostly, we’d love to get the chance to share a meal and conversation together.

Rumor has it that there will be a pie auction, and possibly some music and maybe a jam session, so be sure and bring your instrument if you want to join in. And there may even be some traditional Mennonite Peppernut cookies for sale.

All of the fun will happen on the grounds of Joy Mennonite Church, 504 NE 16th Street at the corner of NE 16th & Lincoln, just a few blocks south of the state capitol.

And for those of you wondering about the folks throwing this shindig, Joy Mennonite Church is a small congregation dedicated to work together in community to try to live out Jesus’ way of peace, justice and inclusive love.

Joy Mennonite Church’s members are active in the OKC community individually as well as a church body. Joy has taken active steps to support #BlackLivesMatter actions, is active each year with the International Day of Peace and participates in the the inter-faith community of OKC. Additionally, we contribute to many ministries that support justice and development work around the world including Mennonite Central Committee, Amnesty International, Jubilee USA, Heifer International, and Christian Peacemaker Teams. And Joy is the primary sponsor of the Center for Conscience in Action, an organization that I am proud to work for.

We hope you’ll join us at our Harvest Festival to learn more about who we are & help us support the important work of peace and justice. To find out more, visit the Joy Mennonite Church page on facebook.

(morse code audio – KG5JST)

Welcome to the KG5JST DX Radio Report

For broadcast on international shortwave and local radio stations beginning September 30, 2016

This report was created by James M. Branum and is a production of Broad Spectrum


In this episode…

  • I will discuss my upcoming trip to Cuba in mid-October.
  • And then for the bulk of the program, I will discuss highlights of my radio listening fun on a recent train trip to California.

I always welcome comments and QSL reports. Please send them to

Also the background sound for this show is a recording of the ambient noise from Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, recorded late at night.




I’ve recently decided to get licensed to use GMRS, the General Mobile Radio Service.

My interest in the service was that I wanted a way for my family to use portable walkie talkies (with more practical usability than the FRS or even CB services), but without subjecting my wife and son to having to pass the technician class ham radio test. But I also could see some uses for GMRS radios in a work context, which is not allowed under the ham radio rules.

Negatively — the cost of licensing, $70, is absurd. But given the fact that the 5 year license covers my whole family makes it a little better deal.



It looks like my planned trip to Cuba is a go! I’ll be flying from Florida to Santa Clara, Cuba on October 19th, then heading from there to Havana by bus. The next day I will be hopefully getting to visit Radio Havana Cuba (I’m still working out the details) as well as engaging in other educational person-to-person cultural experiences before heading back to Santa Clara to catch my flight back to Florida on October 21st.

I’m not going to try to do any Amateur Radio work while there due to the brevity of my trip (and the complexities of securing permission to operate while in Cuba), but I am going to be doing some DX radio listening of both shortwave and medium wave broadcasts while in Cuba, as well as hopefully learning as much as possible about the ways that radio broadcasting and other forms of media affect the lives of the Cuban people, particularly in the context of the ongoing US blockade against Cuba, which while lightened a little thanks to action by US President Obama, still exists.

So I definitely will be sharing more about this trip in a future episode.



Over the last few days I’ve been traveling a good bit. In my legal work, I had a court-martial hearing at Fort Irwin, California, so I decided to travel there by train, and of course to do as much DX radio listening as possible on the trip.

My travels consisted of a bus ride from Oklahoma City to Newton, Kansas, then a 25 or so hour train ride from Newton to Barstow, California on the Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, then rental car drive from Barstow to Fort Irwin, smack in the middle of the Mojave desert. And then of course the return trip which was a reverse of the inbound trip.

My listening equipment was limited to my Tecsun PL-360 portable receiver, most of the time just using the stock antenna but at other times making use of a random long wire.

Here are the highlights from my logs…

Near La Junta, CO on the train

  • Sept 24, 15:12 UTC, Radio Australia International with the news, 9580 khz, SR 44.

Near Trinidad, Colorado on the train

  • Sept 24, 16:01 UTC, WWV (US govt time station), 5000 khz, SR 44.
  • Sept 24, 16:20 UTC, KVMG from Raton, NM (from the other side of Raton pass), Radio Bilingue, the Latino National Public Radio Network –, playing acoustic music in spanish with talk in both English and Spanish, SR 59, 88.9 MHhz. FM

Raton, New Mexico, outside at the train station

  • Sept 24, 16:20 UTC, Oldtime phonograph music, probably the Talking Machine Show on WWCR, 12160 khz SR 44

Albuquerque, NM – outside at the train station

  • Sept 24, 2340 UTC, possibly Radio Educadora from Brazil but also may be a medium wave harmonic, still it sounds like Portuguese to me so my money is on it being Radio Educadora 2380 khz, SR 4-5
  • Sept 24, 23:42 UTC, Radio Nacional Amazonia da Brasil, 11780 khz, SR 44
  • Sept 24, 23:43 UTC, Radio Havana Cuba in Spanish playing Cuban Music, SR 44 at 13740.
  • Sept 24, 23:52 UTC, likely Chinese National Radio from Tibet, SR 3-4 at 15570.

Between Albuquerque and Gallop, NM on the train –


  • Sept 25, 01:45 UTC, WBCQ airing some BS, which seems like a pretty accurate description of the programming of the notorious so-called “Brother Stair”, SR 4-4 at 7490 khz.
  • Sept 25, 01:53 UTC, Radio Habana Cuba in Spanish, SR 2-4 on the tropical band frequency of 5040 khz.
  • Sept 25, 01:55 UTC, Radio Rebelde with Cuban music, 5025 khz, SR 3-4.

On the train, somewhere in Arizona


  • Sept 25, 03:28 UTC, Radio Rebelde with Cuban music, SR 3-4 on 5025
  • Sept 25, 03:30 UTC, WTWW with station ID and then some oldies music, SR 3-3 at 5085 khz.
  • Sept 25, 03:35 UTC, WWCR with some particularly hateful anti-refugee rhetoric, SR 4-4 at 5890 khz.
  • Sept 25, 03:55 UTC, a real treat KTNN – The voice fo the Navajo Nation, playing English language country songs, SR 4-4 at 660 khz on the medium wave aka AM band.

Off the train waiting for a rental car in Barstow, California on old Route 66

  • Sept 25, 13:50 uTC, KSZL from Barstow with a gardening show, SR 5-9 at 1230 khz, later on I heard the Jim Brown show with some really nutty remarks by US Congresswoman Virginia Fox from NC
  • Lots more local and regional radio stations in the log
  • Also picked up several of the local Medium wave stations as harmonics on shortwave, mostly KSZL 1230 showing up at 2540 khz, with an SR 44.

While driving from Barstow to Fort Irwin, CA in the Mojave Desert

  • 25, maybe around 17:00 UTC (I didn’t get to log the exact time), KLAC, with the historic final LA Dodgers home called by sportscasting legend Vin Scully. I got to hear part of the pre-game show and 2 innings. Such a treat to get to hear this, particularly given Scully’s 67 years of calling the games for the Dodgers. SR 5-5 on 570 khz.

While at Fort Irwin

  • Sept 26, 22:32 UTC, KNTC broadcasting from Fort Irwin. SR 5-9 at 88.5 FM. I heard an anti-sexual assault PSA then news regarding US troops paratrooping into Poland as part of a NATO exercise, which seems unnecessarily bellicose if you ask me.
  • One odd thing about KNTC— Fhe FCC database shows no record for KNTC, so I assume that is a part 15 FM station (but if so, way over the limits of part 15 FM broadcasting) or they are taking advantage of an exception for military broadcasting.
  • Also FYI, the assumed callsign of KNTC stands for the National Training Center, the other name for Fort Irwin, the post that the US Army trains soon-to-be-deployed troops for what they may enconter in Iraq and Afghanistan or elsewhere in the Middle East.

At the train station in Barstow, CA

  • Sept 27, 04:10 UTC, 10000 khz I heard WWV from Fort COllins, CO, SR 5-5 and WWVH from Hawaii, SR 2-2. Jumping over to 15000 khz, I heard WWVH at SR 5-8 but no WWV.
  • Sept 27, 04:14 UTC, RNAdB, SR 5-9 at 11780 khz. Music and talk in port.
  • Sept 27, 04:27 UTC, RHC in English, discussion of visit to Cuba by the mayor of Houston. SR 3-4 at 6165 khz.
  • Sept 27, 04:37 UTC – Two mediumwave stations (1230 and 1310) both showing up as harmonics at 2540 khz. One is in English KSZL and spanish station is likely KIQQ. Wikipedia says it is a silent station but the FCC database shows it at a 5 kw daytime station I also heard KSZL on harmonic of 4830 khz but without any presence of KIQQ.ept 27, 04:38 UTC – CHU time station from Canada in English and French, SR 3-3 at 3330 khz.
  • Throughout the night I heard lots of talk on shortwave and medium wave stations about the first Trump-Clinton debate, including from Alex Jones on WWCR (04:40 UTC, SR 33 at 4840 khz) and one of the usual crazy anti-semites on WTWW who said that (and I quote) “I don’t know if Hillary is a Jew or not, but….” (04:46 UTC, SR 5-8 at 5830 khz)
  • Sept 27, 04:50 UTC – VOA News from Pinheira, Sao Tome e Principe, Africa SR 3-4 at 6080 khz.

Outside at the Bus station in Wichita, KS

  • Sept 28, 09:50 UTC, RAdio Rebelde with music and talk in Spanish, SR 44 at 5025 khz.
  • Sep 28, 09:58-10:08 UTC, Radio New Zealand Int., strong SR 5-8 at 7425 khz. Heard some jazz music, then the “news at 11” which includd some discussion of the yahoo data breach, followed by more jazz music

Thanks for listening. And don’t forget to send comments and reception reports to me at This is James, KG5JST signing off.



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