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BSR Magazine Show Nov. 18, 2016 – Excerpts from Peace Buzz #8 – Islamaphobia and American Politics

Aired on KLTR 890 am on November 18, 2016 in Oklahoma City

This program consists of a 15 minute excerpt of Peace Buzz #8. The full 60 minute program can be found at:
Here’s more information about the program:(graphic: Peace Buzz 8 - Islamaphobia and American politics)

Serena Blaiz examines Islamophobia in the American Heartland, speaking to Adam Soltani of CAIR Oklahoma and Dr. Carl Rubenstein of the Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma. They discuss a recent legislative study in Oklahoma called “Radical Islam, Shariah Law, the Muslim Brotherhood and the radicalization process” that was instigated by Rep. John R. Bennett, who accused Muslim leaders of being terrorists out to destroy America, as well as steps taken by Oklahomans to counter the hateful and bigoted rhetoric, prevent violence and build trust relationships.

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