BSR Friday in Oklahoma Show – January 6, 2017

BSR Friday Show From – January 6, 2017
Broadcast on Community Talk Radio KTLR 890 AM and 103.7 FM

Community Talk KTLR AM 890 Oklahoma City

In this episode…
1. Updates on some of our other programming available online and on shortwave radio
2. News about our new android apps
3. An update from Mennonite Radio
4. And finally a short version of Exploring Aspergia, our show by and for people on the aspergers/autism spectrum
so stay tuned..
At the present moment we have a lot of new content up on our website that we want to share, including new episodes of Peace Buzz by Serena Blaiz, Red Town Radio by Brenda Golden and several episodes of Exploring Aspergia. Due to length and funding constraints, we will be airing excerpts from these programs in the coming weeks on KTLR, however, the full length programs are all available via our podcast. You can use your favorite podcast program (I’m a fan of Podcast Republic) or just go to our website, Broad Spectrum
Speaking of ways to listen to BSR programming, we want to make sure all of our listeners know that we now have an Android App. It includes links to listen to all of our programs as well as lots of other useful information. And as an added bonus, we are using the app to raise some funds for this project. You can find out more about the app on our website or just search the Google play store for “Broad Spectrum Radio.”
An IOS app may be in the works later, but for now this app is only available for Android devises.

The special episode for our relaunch of Mennonite Radio is delayed one week, but will air next week on KTLR 890 am and on International Shortwave Radio station WBCQ. Our 2017 broadcasts of Mennonite Radio will feature speakers from the pews (or in our case folding chairs) at Joy Mennonite Church, ordinary folks telling their experiences of following the nonviolent and inclusive teaching of Jesus in their everyday life.
Joy Mennonite CHurch meets in an old house at the corner of NE 16th & Lincoln, just south of the state capitol. The address is 504 NE 16th St in Oklahoma City. Worship starts at 10:30 am and this week there is a potluck afterwards. Dress is casual and all are welcome. Find out more about Joy at

Exploring Aspergia Episode #13

Woody Guthrie playing “This Land is your land”