BSR Oklahoma Magazine Show from – July 14, 2017

BSR Oklahoma Magazine Show 


(BSR Program #201 – For airing on KTLR, 890 AM and 103.7 FM in Oklahoma City, released under a Creative Commons license)

NOTE: The following text is my working script. I sometimes make minor changes in the editing process that may be in the audio form of the show, but may not end up being changed in the text below, so it is best to think of the following text as being an “advance” or “working” show script/notes.

Welcome to Broad Spectrum Radio, with James Branum. This is BSR Episode # 201 first broadcast on July 14, 2017 on the radio and online at

In this episode…

  1. We be celebrating our return to the airwaves and our new focus and vision.

  2. We will also be Previewing programming to be aired in the coming weeks.

  3. A few upcoming local events

So stay tuned…


For our old and new listeners alike, I thought it best to share a bit about what has been going on with this project of late.

Broad Spectrum Radio was on the air at several stations (both domestic, and on international shortwave radio) from October 2015 until January 2017, but we unfortunately had to take a bit of a hiatus. Initially I thought it would be a short break, so that we could get our fundraising back in order and be in a sustainable place to continue broadcasts, but life happened for me. 

A big change in our family happened in March, when we made the difficult decision to begin homeschooling our son. Our son, like his parents, is a freethinking kid who doesn’t always fit in the boxes that regular schools want kids to fit into, but we thankfully had found a fantastic school for him that did work for most of his elementary school years. But last year it became increasingly clear that the school was not a good for him at his current developmental stage. We still hoped that he could finish out his school year but my March it was clear that it was time to make a change, and after examining the other educational options in our area, we decided to start homeschooling.

This obviously meant major changes in our family life, and major changes in my vocational life, and so the hiatus of BSR programs necessarily needed to a last a lot longer than I initially expected.

The good news though is that the time away from creating new programming helped me to clarify the mission of BSR.

Back in 2015, my main goal was to simply provide an alternative voice to what I saw was the domination of international shortwave radio and domestic AM broadcasting by a narrow set of religious and political views. These views were fearful, reactionary, conservative and often downright hateful. I knew there were some alternative views in other media forms (especially FM radio and online), but that there was little if any alternative available on shortwave and AM.

But I now see that the initial vision was too broad and ambiguous to be useful, and so I’ve crafted something else.

The new vision of the BSR project will revolve around 4 principles: Solidarity, Socialism, Spirituality and Science.

Let me explain a bit more about each of these 4 S’s…

First, by Solidarity, I mean the idea that this is not a neutral media outlet. BSR does take sides, and we seek to be on the side of the oppressed, the marginalized and the forgotten, both locally and around the world.

Second, by Socialism, I mean the idea that I first heard expressed by the National Lawyers Guild, that human rights should have primacy over property rights, and hence our economic structures should exist to serve human needs and not human greed.

I also should say for those who are scared of this particularly “S-Word,” that my kind of Socialism is grassroots, democratic, and to the extent possible, nonviolent in nature.

Third, by Spirituality, I mean the idea of “a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves” and the “search for meaning in life.”

Spirituality does include religion, but it includes more including the arts, music, literature, as well as some of the secular forms of spiritual practice, such as non religious meditation.

And finally, by Science, I mean the quest for knowledge by way of the scientific method, but I also more specifically seek to explore the citizen scientist concept, the hobbyists and other individual experimenters who work independently and/or collaboratively in discovery. And because of my own interests, I will especially look at science through the eyes of the DIY/maker culture, particularly in the areas of ham radio, shortwave radio listening and related hobbies.

Obviously I see some connections between the 4’s, but I also see some points of dissonance, which will necessarily result in in critique — for instance, I will be discussing not only the positive sides of spirituality but also its dark side, the ways that a quest for the spiritual may lead some to retreat from the world or even to plunge headfirst in the sickness of fundamentalism. And when it comes to science and technology, I will discuss not only the awe-inducing possibilities of technological advancement but also the ways that technology can serve to further estrange from our fellow humanity and our world.

But I do hope to come back to the positive as much as I can, because more than anything, I see these 4 S’s — solidarity, socialism, spirituality and science, as partners in helping each of us to become the best version of ourselves we can be, and in the end to make the world a better place.

In that spirit, I think it’s time for some music…

MUSIC – Oklahoma 1917 by David Rovics

So now let’s talk for a moment about the format of this show. BSR is a magazine format show, which means it will consist of a series of segments, similar to other magazine format shows such as NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things considered or the international broadcasts of Radio Havana Cuba.

Many segments will be one-off kinds of things, but other segments will be recurring series, more like sub-shows. 

As to the recurring segments, we hope to continue some of the best of our previous segments, but also add some new ones over time. Some of our planned segments include:

1. Excerpts from some of our best local progressive podcasts, especially Pointing Left and Peace Buzz with Serena Blaiz.

2. Exploring Aspergia –  a program by, for and about people on the Aspergers/Autism spectrum

3. Mennonite Radio – an exploration of the nonviolent teachings of Jesus, brought to you by the inclusive community of Joy Mennonite Church in Oklahoma City

4. The KG5JST Hobby Radio Report – exploring the worlds of Amateur Radio, shortwave radio listening and related hobbies.

5. Prison Radio – recordings from prisoners behind bars, telling their stories and seeking change in our dirty rotten prison industrial complex.

6. GI Rights Radio – a program that seeks educate US military servicemembers about their rights under the law

7. Movement music – Music from the movements for social justice from around the world.

Currently we will be airing BSR programming in a few different formats…

1. In Central Oklahoma on KTLR 890 AM/103.7 FM – Fridays at 11 am, a 15 minute show

2. On shortwave radio stations (hopefully starting in late July or early August) – a one hour monthly show

3. Online – individual segments will be released as they are created.

What this will mean in practical terms is that our over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts will only include some of our content. Some content will have to be edited for length and other content won’t be played OTA at all. But our hope is that by creating this content and releasing it in most cases under a Creative Commons License, the content can be heard immediately and broadcast on other stations.


We have a few local events we want to share, thanks to the excellent calendar of local progressive events found at

On Tuesday July 18 from 6-8pm – Her|Art, fasion show and art auction is taking place.

The program is brought to Oklahoma City by IEEW, the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women

Her|Art is a wholly original fashion show & art auction highlighting local and international fashion designers and artists. Meet some of our 2017 students in town from Rwanda & Afghanistan in the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program; some of them will be participating in the evening’s festivies and selling handicrafts in the evening’s Pop-Up shop!

Location: 21c Museum Hotel on Historic Film Row in OKC | 6:00-8:30. Visit for more information.

On Thursday, July 20th, the weekly internet Radio SHow – Red State Revolt will be airing from 4-5 pm CST. The show is a live call in show with Oklahoma filmmaker and progressive/populist activist Mark Faulk.
The show’s host seeks to unearths the scam, corruption, & ugly politics that are destroying America.

You can find out more information, including what he will be talking about and/or who he will be talking with via his facebook page,

And lastly, I must mention that the The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival is happening as we speak in Okemah, Oklahoma, through Sunday. I should mention that one of my favorite bands, the Red Dirt Rangers will playing at 11 pm tonight, so it would be worth a drive out to Okemah.

And in that spirit, we’ll close out today’s show with a bit of the Red Dirt Rangers. But first, let me remind you all that we will be back next week and every week on Community Talk Radio, KLTR, 890 am and 103.7 FM in Oklahoma City, as well as online at

Red Dirt Rangers song – “Black Gold”

BSR closing, thanks for listening, send comments to us on social media at

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