July 2017 Update – BSR is back on the air with new content!

After a time of hiatus from January-July 2017, Broad Spectrum Radio is proud to announce a return to airing new content on a variety of media outlets.

The long version of the story of why we took a break from new content can be heard on the July 14th episode of the BSR Oklahoma Magazine show, but the short version is that we needed to take a break to build up our fundraising and create some new focused energy for the project.

Our New Mission

Our new mission for Broad Spectrum Radio and Media is to create and broadcast programming for domestic and international listeners that promotes:

Solidarity –  We seek to be on the side of the oppressed, the marginalized and the forgotten, both locally and around the world.

Socialism –  We work to ensure that human rights should have primacy over property rights, seeking a birth of socialism that is grassroots, democratic, and to the extent possible, nonviolent in nature.

Spirituality – We seek to explore a meaning in life, through religion, but also through the arts, music, literature, as well as secular forms of spiritual practice, such as non religious meditation.

Science – We celebrate the quest for knowledge by way of the scientific method, especially by ordinary people — hobbyists, makers, experimenters, etc, with a special focus on the areas of ham radio, shortwave radio listening and related hobbies.

Our new broadcast schedule is as follows:

  • Local/Regional Mediumwave/AM broadcasts
    • Fridays, 11-11:15 am CDT (16:00 UTC) – 890 khz., KTLR from Oklahoma City, broadcasting throughout Central Oklahoma and as far as North Texas and South Kansas.
  • International Shortwave Broadcasts
    • TBA – 7490 khz. WBCQ from Monticello, Maine, USA, broadcasting to North, Central and South America.
    • TBA – 6070 khz. Channel 292 from Rohrbach, Bavaria, Germany, broadcasting to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
    • Periodic broadcasts – 3210 khz. – Unique Radio from Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Local FM broadcasts:
    • Fridays, 11-11:15 am CDT (16:00 UTC) – 103.7 Mhz., K279CR (FM Translator of KTLR) from Oklahoma City, broadcasting in the Oklahoma City Metro area
  • Online
    • All of our current and past episodes can be downloaded from our website.