BSR Magazine Show – Rosh Hashanah Special 2017/5778

BSR Magazine Show – Rosh Hashanah Special

Hosted by James M. Branum


WORKING SCRIPT, AUDIO VERSION MAY HAVE SLIGHT VARIATIONS: First aired on KTLR 890 AM in Oklahoma City on Friday, Setember 21, 2017 at 11 am CDT.

First a program note… next week we will be airing a special program in memory of the late Kelly Hays. He was the owner of 30 Penn Books, but also was an attorney, judge, musician, and friend to many during his life. He was murdered this last week and his death has left a gaping hole in our city.Kelly Hays

So, if you were a customer, friend, family member or anyone else who was touched by Kelly’s life, we would love to air your remarks as part of this show, as either as an audio recording or as written text, sent to me by email at

But for this week’s program… we are celebrating the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah with a mix of music and some discussion. Rosh Hashanah, literally “the head of the year” is the New Year’s celebration of the Jewish calendar and is the start of the High Holy Days, a time of reflection, repentance and renewal, leading to Yom Kippur.

GRAPHIC: Shanah Tovah - May you be blessed with a sweet new year

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally a two day holiday and this year it began at Sunset on Wednesday, September 20th and will end at sunset this evening, Friday, September 22nd, so join in the festivity with this selection of songs to mark the occasion…

Our first song, is a brand new song by the Jewish acapella singing group from Yeshiva University, the Maccabeats. It is entitled “This is the New Year,” which will be followed by another song from the Maccabeats called “Book of Good Life.”

MUSIC: The Maccabeats “This is the New Year”

MUSIC: The Maccabeats “Book of Good Life”

Next… I know some of you may be wondering, what is Rosh Hashanah and how do Jews celebrate this day? Well I found a fantastic video from the actress Mayim Bialik (who plays the wonderful Amy Farah Fowler on the Big Bang Theory) which discusses this day, so I’m going to play an excerpt from the audio of this video, which comes from the website

Mayiam Bialik – 4 Things Jews do on Rosh Hashanah (excerpt) – – 1:46

Speaking of some of the ritual fun of Rosh Hashanah, let’s hear a song from the Ein Prat Fountainheads…”Dip your apple”

MUSIC: Ein Prat Fountainheads…”Dip your apple”

To close out today’s show, I want to say Shana Tova to everyone, whether you are Jewish or not, hoping that the coming seasons will be ones with more peace, and that we will each accept the challenge, not only of this holiday but of every new day to ask how we can make our lives and our world better.

Until next week, this is James Branum with


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