BSR Oklahoma Magazine Show – Kelly Anthony Hays Memorial Show

BSR Oklahoma Magazine Show – Kelly Anthony Hays Memorial Show
September 29, 2017
Aired on KTLR, 890 am at 11 am on Friday, September 29, 2017 in Oklahoma City.

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Welcome to the BSR Oklahoma Magazine Show for Friday, September 29, 2017.

Your host for today is James Branum, and this program is brought to you with support from the Center for Conscience in Action.

Today’s program is in memory of the late Kelly Anthony Hays, who was murdered on September 14th here in Oklahoma City.

But how he died is not why he is being remembered today, but how he lived, and so I’ve put together this show to share a little bit about who he was — the owner of one of the best used book stores, not only in this city but anywhere, 30 Penn Books, but also a musician, an artist, a writer, and for a big chunk of his life – an attorney and a judge.

Kelly Anthony Hays

(obituary from The Oklahoman – see – Melancholy music plays in background, creative commons music from

I think this is a good time for some music, with Kelly singing and playing guitar, which thankfully was recorded by Casey Friedman of, and which he graciously let me include in this show.


To give you a bit more feel for who Kelly was, I thought next I would play another recording from Casey Friedman, this time with Casey asking Kelly an interesting question…

INTERVIEW – Audio from

Next, I am going to play a recording of what I shared at Kelly’s memorial service last Sunday…


Kelly Hays

To close out today’s show, we’ll take us out with Kelly singing and playing again.

But before I go, I want to thank Casey Friedman for letting me use his recordings of Kelly. I also want to thank Kelly’s family for inviting long-time customers of 30 Penn books to his memorial and for letting us know a little more about who the fascinating and beautiful man was, who ran our favorite book store.

And finally I want to encourage those who knew Kelly and want to honor him, to visit the facebook memorial page set up by his family, which has a lot pictures and some of Kelly’s drawings,  as well as consider donating to the GoFundme campaign to help raise money to support the investigation into Kelly’s death and enventually to fund a music scholarship in Kelly’s honor.

We miss you Kelly. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

This is James Branum, with