December 2017 BSR International Magazine Show – Winter Holiday Music Mashup

December 2017

BSR International Magazine Show

Hosted by James M. Branum

Theme: Winter Holiday Music Mashup


The following is a working script of the program, but some minor changes may exist in the final version as recorded.

Welcome to the BSR International Magazine Show from, for December 2017.

Your host for tonight is James Branum.

We broadcast this program on a monthly basis for international shortwave radio and online listeners out of our mission to promote the values of solidarity, socialism, science and spirituality.

Tonight’s program will mostly focus on two of those values: solidarity and spirituality, as we will be playing some of the music of this season — the winter holidays of Advent and Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Eid al-Adha, Winter Solstice, kwanzaa and New Years. These holidays don’t always fit in the month of December, but they do celebrate many of the same themes — the idea of hope and light during dark times.

We are sharing this music because we think it is important to remember than human beings are more alike than we are different, and that whether one says Merry Christmas, Eid Mubarak or just Happy Holidays, the sentiment expressed is that of love and hope.

So let’s get started… for fun I decided to organize the musical selections roughly by where these various holidays fall in 2017, at least to some extent…


So the first set of songs will be songs that celebrate the Islamic holiday of Eid Al-Adhah, the Feast of Sacrfice (this year falling early Sept 1-2) and the Hindu festival lights, Diwali, happening on Oct 18 or 19, depending on what part of the world you live in.



The next set of songs come from the dark side of the winter season — the Christian season of Advent. a time of expectant hope in the midst of darkness, as well as the Winter Solstice, quite literally the darkness night of the year.


Moving in a more jubilant direction, we come to the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, which this year happens from Dec 12-20, an eight day celebration of liberation and cultural survival in the midst of oppression.

My favorite…


Starting off with the classic Adam Sandler “Happy Hanukkah” followed by Woody Guthrie and then two songs written by Woody Guthrie by sung by Nefesh Mountain and then the second song by The Klezmatics.

The next song is Hasmonean, a Hamilton Hanukkah Parody by The Maccabeats, and then we’ll close out our Hanukah awesomeness with Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings…

Here in the USA, our airwaves are assaulted by a barage of crappy Christmas songs, so I’m not going to give you any of those songs, but instead will go a different direction, with two songs in Spanish, first by Banda la Atraktiva de Monterrey “Noche de Paz” followed by Los Tigres del Norte with “Navidad de los pobres” or Christmas of the poor. After that we’ll hear John Lenon’s Happy Christmas: War is Over.

Our next holiday is Kwanzaa, a celebration of African-American heritage. I picked two songs, both really good, that tell what this holiday is all about.

And finally we come to New Years, a holiday celebrated around the world, but with special significance in Cuba, as the victory of the Cuban revolution and Bautista’s departure came on January 1, 1959.

But I’m not feeling so jubilant, so the song I picked, which seems pretty appropriate for this year, is Jim’s Big Ego “New Lang Syne, aka Thank God its over”

Closing remarks