BSR Magazine Show – 1st week of April 2018 — Passover/Easter/Spring songs, Oklahoma Teachers Walkout, BSR Radio Gram (digital mode-MFSK32)

LOGO: Broad Spectrum Radio - alternative peace oriented radio heard on shortwave radio stations around the world

BSR Magazine Radio Show

for the first week of April 2018
Hosted by James M. Branum

The following is a working script/outline, so some changes may have been in the final recording:

Welcome to the BSR International Magazine Show from, hosted by James M. Branum.
This program is scheduled for airing in the first week of April 2018.
In this episode…
* A programming note about our move to a weekly schedule
* Discussions about the Oklahoma Teacher’s Walkout — special program coming next week.
* Songs from the holidays of Passover and Easter, both of which are occuring this week.*
* And in the second half of our hour, you’ll hear the BSR Radiogram, a digital mode program, which can be decoded using software such FLDGI, so for digital radio enthusiasts, please get your recording equpiment ready as this will be starting around the the 30 minute mark.
So let’s get started…
* Move to a weekly schedule
– Experimenting with airing weekly programs on WRMI, with the first half being a mix of music and talk, and the second half being a digital mode broadcast.
– Rationale: Two reasons: First, we are getting a huge response from the BSR radiogram broadcasts, but I have a lot to learn through trial and error. A weekly program gives me more chances to experiment and see what works.
Second, there’s a lot of content I want to share and a monthly program just isn’t enough to work with.
As for other stations — I will be airing occasional programs (probably monthly) on WBCQ and Channel 292, but not weekly. Someday maybe, but the finances are only there to do a weekly show on WRMI.
## The Oklahoma Teachers’ Walkout ##
The walkout (aka strike) is starting in the morning, listen next week for sounds and music from the walkout, including songs by Oklahoma public school teacher and folk musician Aaron Baker.


MUSIC inspired by Passover, Easter and Spring:

1. “Passover Rhapsody” by (a parody of Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”)
2. “Daiyenu” by The Maccabeats described as a “multi-genre twist on the classic passover song”
3. “Uptown Passover” by Six 13, described as an “Uptown Funk adaptation for Passover”

6. ERROR – looks like I repeated track #3 instead of playing this track from the Ein Prat Fountainheads. Oh well, there’s next year I guess.

BSR Radiogram #3 – A Digital broadcast in MFSK32 centered on 1500 hz.

To decode, use FLDGI (Windows, MacOS, Linux), TIVAR (for Android) or other programs for decoding digital radio transmissions.