BSR Magazine Show – Protest Music of the Oklahoma Teacher Workout – 2nd week of April, 2018

BSR Magazine Show – 2018 April 2nd week – Oklahoma Teacher Walkout Protest Music – BSR Radiogram #4

The following is a working script – minor changes might be made in the final recording…

Welcome to the BSR Magazine Show from, for airing on the 2nd week of April 2018, recorded in Oklahoma City on April 8th, on the 7th day of the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout.
Your host for today is James Branum.
This week’s program will focus on the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout, an ongoing action to force our state legislature to appropriately fund public education in our state.
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All successful protest movements are fueled by music, and this one is no exception, so most of the program will focus on these songs, but we’ll also have some of the speeches, as well as marching band music, performed by a combined band of Oklahoma high school band directors and students.
To start off we’ll play some folks songs performed by Jonathan Marshall, Aaron Baker and a new song called “A Teacher’s Prayer To Keep Oklahoma Strong,” written by Jerelyn Atchison and sung by a group of teachers and students from El Reno.
* Jonathan Marshall – Solidarity Forever!
* Aaron Baker – Oklahoma Walkout song (a rewritten version of Woody Guthrie’s Union Maid)
* Jerelyn Achison (with El Reno public school teachers and students) – “A Teacher’s Prayer To Keep Oklahoma Strong,”
By the way I forgot to mention that Aaron Baker, who is playing the second song coming up, is one of the many teachers walking the 110 miles or 177km from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, with their arrival coming on Tuesday of this coming week.
Next we’ll hear from NEA President Lily Eskelsen García, with excerpts from her remarks at the rally on the first day of the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout, and her singing “We shall not be moved,” and after that we’ll hear from the Oklahoma STARVATION Army Band, with their version of “We ain’t gonna be treated this a way”
* Lily Eskelsen García
Excerpted audio from this video:
* Oklahoma Starvation Army Band: Find link, add here later

Meanwhile in Oklahoma… as you can imagine, some of our lawmakers aren’t too happy about the teacher’s walkout, so I thought I would let a few of these jerks speak for themselves. So… here’s the audio from a video that Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin McDugle put online:

* Kevin McDugle video 

Ladies and gentlemen… that was Oklahoma State Representative Kevin McDugle.

Next… let’s hear a little bit about what Governor Mary Fallin thinks about Oklahoma public school teachers, from a CBS news interview:

* Mary Fallin, CBS interview excerpt

Of course the teachers will get the last word, as these two teachers show in this catchy little parody…
* Fallin’s Gotta Fix (parody of Pumped up Kicks)
We’ll close out the musical part of the program with some excerpts from the combined Oklahoma Teacher Walkout Marching band, composed of Oklahoma public school band directors, students and alumni. They played several times this week, but this recording is from Friday, day 5 of the walkout.
I should mention the audio is not great, as I was part of a crowd of people gathered around the band, often to the side, which means sometimes the drums or brass will sound louder than it would if one were listening at a distance from the band.
Before we move to the second half of the BSR Magazine Show, I want to mention that if you are listening in other locales via our shortwave broadcasts, there are still things that YOU can do to help to show support for this movement. We’ll have some suggestions and links for more information on the show page for this episode at
For the second half of our program, we will be doing our scheduled digital mode transmission. If you are unfamiliar with digital modes, my suggestion is to record the audio and then later use FLDGI or TIVAR to decode the tranmission, which will be sent in MFSK32 format, centered on 1500. Most of the text of this broadcast will discuss the Oklahoma Teachers Walkout and labor issues generally, and the pictures will also be on this theme.
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