A birthday fundraiser – Help James to be able to keep airing new programs from BSR

Lots of folks on social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) use their birthdays as an excuse to do a fundraiser for a cause dear to themselves, and I am no exception.

Next week I am turning 42, so I’m going to use my birthday as an opportunity to ask for donations to help my project, Broad Spectrum Radio.

Currently I am airing a weekly program, the BSR International Magazine Show on International Shortwave Radio station WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida. Reception range varies, but over the last few months I’ve received reception reports and listener feed back from all over North America as well as Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia.

The first half hour is a mix of talk and music, focusing on the 4 S’s — Solidarity (for all oppressed peoples), Socialism (of the democratic grassroots variety), Spirituality (focusing on a humanistic approach to religion and spirituality) and Science (focusing on the radio hobbyist and DIY communities). This is a mix unlike anything else on the radio, but is especially uncommon on shortwave radio.

The second half hour is, the BSR Radiogram, a digital mode program modeled after the famous “VOA Radiogram”, which listeners are able to decode using computer software on their computer, cell phones or tablets, which enables me to send text, pictures and other content via the radio waves.

I’m paying $30 per week to air these programs, with most of these funds coming from my own pocket (with the remainder right now coming from the Center for Conscience in Action), but I don’t know how long I can continue to do this. At the same time, I’m getting more frequent listeners responses than I have ever received (particularly with the digital format program) so I really want this to continue. So my goal with this campaign is to raise $780, enough to air the program for the next 26 weeks.

I should mention of course that I do put my programs online as well, where they can be heard in podcast form, but from what I can tell I have more devoted and dedicated listeners on OTA (over the air) radio, but also OTA radio has the possibility to reach audiences in places with limited internet access as well as governmental censorship, so I do not think that online broadcasting will ever substitute entirely for OTA broadcasting.

So if you would like to help, your donations will make a huge difference.

Donations can be made to me via paypal here:

If the button above does not work on your devise, then please go directly to this donation page: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6XREXD3VDEMGW

Or can be made by check sent to: James M. Branum, 504 NE 16th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA.

And as an added bonus, I will be sure and mention the names of all donors on both the BSR International Magazine Show (the first half hour) as well as the BSR International Radiogram (for the digital format show, I can include a picture of your choice, no larger than 200×200 pixels — but please no sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive pictures)

Important note on tax deductions: Since BSR Media does sometimes air electoral political stuff, donations are not tax-deductible under US law. — But if you would like to support the non-political programming of BSR and also get a tax deduction, you can instead make a donation to the Center for Conscience in Action and earmark it to pay for the airing of cultural/educational content through BSR (just shoot me an email at broadspectrumradio at gmail dot com, so I can be looking for the donation and keep it properly earmarked).