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Broad Spectrum Radio has proudly been broadcasting an eclectic mix of radio programming on international shortwave stations, local AM & FM stations, and online for more than a year.

Almost all of these costs have been covered by myself (James M. Branum, BSR project director and host of many of the programs of BSR) but this is not a sustainable model, so I’m asking for listeners and fans to step up and help make a difference.

Plans for 2017

Contingent on the availability of funds, BSR will be airing on the following schedule:

  • Weekly 15 minute local magazine format show in Oklahoma City – airing on KTLR Community Talk Radio 890 AM as well as their FM translator
  • Weekly 30 minute shortwave magazine format show – airing on WBCQ to North America, Central America and when lucky Europe and beyond.
  • Monthly One hour special programs – airing on Channel 292, Rohrbach, Bavaraia, Germany to the avid shortwave listeners of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Russia
  • Additional broadcasts with donated air time, possibly by KVOY radio (in cooperation with Upwave Media), Unique Radio 3210 (in New South Wales, Australia) and other stations willing to air our content.
  • Online broadcasts of everything aired on OTA radio stations, as well as additional online-only content

The approximate cost for air time and internet costs to keep up this schedule would be $3,500 USD (this varies a bit based on the exchange rate with the European relay station and other variables), or approximately $291 USD per month, so my goal for fundraising is $400 USD per month, to ensure a bit of cushion for unexpected costs as well as to hopefully air additional programming.


How you can help

Important Notice: Donations to BSR are currently NOT tax-deductible under US law. We are working on wading through the red-tape to enable our donors to make tax-deductible donations, hopefully later in 2017.  


1. By participating in our Patreon crowd-sourced fund drive which lets you make small monthly donations to support our work:


2. By sending us a one-time donation via paypal:

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3. By sending a check to us at:

James M. Branum
Broad Spectrum Radio
504 NE 16th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

(make your check payable to “James M. Branum”)

4. By sharing the following donation links on social media: and


5. By downloading one of the KG5JST apps for your Android phone or tablet:

I’m creating several useful apps for android phones, hopefully of interest to shortwave listeners and other radio hobbyists. These apps will be in two versions: free (which will display small banner ads from the admob network) and paid (sold at a low cost but ad free). Which ever version you choose to download, any funds received from these apps in 2017 will go directly to the purchase of airtime for Broad Spectrum Radio.

These apps will all be found on the Google play store at: I will also post thumbnails (with download links) below:

Shortwave-Allwave Radio Tools by KG5JST (Free)

Shortwave-Allwave Radio Tools by KG5JST (Paid)


6. By shopping at via our affiliate link

It’s super easy, just use this search box to make your purchases from this independent union-affiliated book store:

7. By displaying this banner ad on your blog or website:

Banner: Broad Spectrum Radio 2017 Fund Drive

You can use the following code to do this:

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