Help us send radios and other items to Puerto Rico

Lots of folks in Puerto Rico are cut off from the outside world right now, so we at Broad Spectrum Radio and the Center for Conscience in Action want to help reestablish some connections via the power of radio.

We have already shipped two portable AM/FM/shortwave radios to some Puerto Rican family members of a friend, (along with a bunch of batteries and fans) and would like to ship more.

These radios will let folks in PR not only listen to local radio stations (as they come back online) but also to some AM radio at night from the Caribbean and possibly the US mainland, but also via shortwave to stations like Radio Habana Cuba, BBC World Service, WBCQ and others.

If you would like to donate for the next shipment, please go to this page for info on how to make a donation via paypal or by check: Please be sure to include a note with your check (or send me an email for paypal donations) to let me know that these donations are earmarked to send radios to PR.

CCA is fiscally sponsored by Joy Mennonite Church of Oklahoma City, so donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under law.


Some more details:

The radio we are shipping is this one:…/B0093W7V…/ref=od_aui_detailpages00…

The cost per radio is $19.99 and shipping is free (I’m using my Amazon prime account), but if this model is sold out I will get a similar model. 60 alkaline AA batteries are running $16.99, also free shipping.

Also, FYI, Amazon is only shipping some items to PR right now. I originally had hoped to ship solar panels, rechargable batteries, etc, but right now I’m not having any luck with that, so instead we are shipping the radios and enough AA batteries to last at least a few weeks, as well as some AA battery powered fans. (it is really hot still in PR and very few folks have access to A/C yet).

If the shipping situation changes and/or the radio sells out, we may ship out a different model, but you can count on the fact that we will use all funds donated for Puerto Rico to buy portable shortwave radios and other basic supplies that would be useful to folks in these difficult times.