Show numbering…

For regular listeners and/or obsessive folks like myself, I thought I should explain the BSR program numbers listed on the website.

I originally planned to treat Mennonite Radio and Broad Spectrum Radio as two completely different projects, so I numbered MR episodes sequentially and BSR episodes sequentially… but very quickly I realized that BSR was really a whole slew of different topical shows, of which MR would be a good fit in the mix.

So… for the sake of consistency, here is what I have come up with for numbering episodes…

BSR episodes #1-8 are sequentially picked based on airing date (oldest first, newest last), but not including MR episodes.

BSR episode #9 is the first of an internet-only series. For the future I will be numbering internet-only episodes based on when they are first aired, either online or over-the-air.

BSR #10-22 are Mennonite Radio episodes #1-13. These are numbered sequentially, however some of them were first aired before BSR episodes #1-8.

Starting with BSR #23 and moving forward, numbering is based on when I assign numbers (oldest first, newest last), roughly based on when the shows are scheduled to be first broadcast either over-the-air or for internet-only shows, when they are first broadcast online.

OK, I have made that as clear as mud….

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