Episode #15 – Program #28

Mennonite Radio - Broadcasting via International Shortwave Radio and Online Episode #15 – Program #28

 First Broadcast on International Shortwave Radio stations:

This program is available on and can be streamed on Mixcloud.


In this episode, host James Branum announces that Mennonite Radio and Broad Spectrum Radio will now be airing on a second shortwave relay station, Channel 292, in Germany. James also shares a bit about the program for new listeners.

Then we hear a song from Ryan Harvey, “Pray with your legs” followed by a 15 min. segment from Third Way Media’s Shaping Families show on the topic of Autism awareness.

The show closes with a singing of Old 606 and a bit of Woody Guthrie’s “Jesus Christ”

Other Credits: Show intro music from The Fish who Saved the Planet – Used with permission under a Creative Commons License 

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