Peace Buzz with Serena Blaiz, ep. #2 – March 24, 2016 – Program #44

Peace Buzz with Serena Blaiz – Episode #2 – BSR Program #44

A production of the Center for Conscience in Action

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Selections from the Day of Peace and Solidarity Day rally in NYC organized by the United National Antiwar Coalition. Speakers include The Peace Poets, Joe Lombardo of UNAC and Kathy Kelly. Original video upload by Other Voices, Other Choices


Ann Wright on the Women’s Boat to Gaza project, recorded on March 14, 2016, about her many years of participation with Freedom Flotilla Campaign and her recent trip to Sicily to attend the launch of an international campaign to organize a women’s boat to break the illegal Israel blockade of Gaza. Original video upload by Joe Friendly.

David Rovics, Song for the Mavi Marmara


  • 00:55 – UNAC Peace and Solidarity Day Action
  • 11: 09 – Ann Wright on Women’s Boat to Gaza project, part 1
  • 30:44 – David Rovics, Song for the Mavi Marmara
  • 36:56 – Ann Wright on Women’s Boat to Gaza project, part 2
  • 57:40 – Credits, info and contacts

Peace Buzz is a monthly podcast produced by the Center for Conscience in Action, an Oklahoma based peace and justice organization supporting war resistance, demilitarization, restorative justice and the power of individual conscience in transforming self, community and the world. It is hosted by Serena Blaiz. Extended distribution is provided by Broad Spectrum Radio. It can be found

Peace Buzz exists to encourage and amplify the voices too often unrepresented in corporate owned media — voices that call for justice and peace against the relentless and overwhelming power of the dominate corporate media industry that promotes war, militarism and domination, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  Our production team seeks to report stories and include points of view disregarded or diminished within the preponderance of right-wing worldviews in TV and radio coverage of current events. Our intended audience consists of US activists, for whom we hope to build bridges to the global peace community, as well as people around the world interested in the work of the peace movement in the United States.

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