Mennonite Minute #1 – June 17, 2016 – Love God and love your neighbor… everything else is just commentary

Mennonite Minute #1 – June 17, 2016Graphic from Flickr user Mark Morgan - used with permission -

Published June 17, 2016
Mennonite Minute
with James Branum

June 17, 2016
Episode #1Aired on:

  • KTLR, 890 AM, Oklahoma City – June 17, 2016

TRANSCRIPT: This is Mennonite Minute…

by James Branum
The scene depicted was the sterotypical gate of Heaven. A kindly beared man with a halo, presumably St. Peter, stands behind a counter and is talking to another man, sweating with anxiety about whether he will make the cut or not.
The caption: “No, no, that’s not a sin, either. My goodness, you must have worried yourself to death.”
Boy, I can relate to this scene. So many churches make it so complicated and so fraught with danger.
Maybe it would be better if we looked to the words of Jesus, who kept it pretty simple when he stated his 2 great commandments, which I’ll paraphrase here — “Love God with all of your being, and love your neighbor as yourself. Everything else is just commentary.”
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