Mennonite Radio Episode #30 – An interview with Jonathan Marshall

Mennonite Radio Episode #30

An Interview with Jonathan Marshall
September 9, 2016
Hosted by James M. Branum

In this episode of Mennonite Radio, we feature the first of a series of interviews with Mennonite artists, by interviewing Oklahoma folk-Americana singer-songwriter Jonathan Marshall.

In this interview, Jonathan shares about his music (and his way of creating music), the ways that his family ties (both of origin and of present) have affected him, and how that spirituality has served as a source of both tension and solace throughout his life.

picture of album cover: jonathan-marshall-stranger

We also get to hear some of the songs off of Jonathan’s new album, Stranger, including “I Remember” and “Sounds Like Goodbye,” but the entire album can be heard for free using the Spotify app or can be purchased from your favorite online music sellers.

To find out more about Jonathan Marshall, please visit:

Also in this episode, we share an announcement that Mennonite Radio will no longer be aired in its entirety on weekly over-the-air radio, but still can be heard in shorter excerpts aired as part of the Magazine show (aired on several radio stations) as well as in extended form online at

We of course hope to resume our full-length programs at some point in the future but we need to raise more funds for this to be possible.

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