Our Mission:

BSR’s mission is to create and broadcast programming for domestic and international listeners that promotes:

Solidarity –  We seek to be on the side of the oppressed, the marginalized and the forgotten, both locally and around the world.

Socialism –  We work to ensure that human rights should have primacy over property rights, seeking a birth of socialism that is grassroots, democratic, and to the extent possible, nonviolent in nature.

Spirituality – We seek to explore a meaning in life, through religion, but also through the arts, music, literature, as well as secular forms of spiritual practice, such as non religious meditation.

Science – We celebrate the quest for knowledge by way of the scientific method, especially by ordinary people — hobbyists, makers, experimenters, etc, with a special focus on the areas of ham radio, shortwave radio listening and related hobbies.


Our History:

The Broad Spectrum Radio Project was created in late 2015 by James M. Branum as a non-commercial alternative radio project designed to counter the growing right-wing domination of International Shortwave and domestic am radio. Programs were aired on both local AM/FM radio stations (KTLR/K279CR) as well as international shortwave radio stations (Channel 292 in Germany, WBCQ and WINB in the USA and Unique Radio in Australia) until January 2017 when the project went into a time of hiatus to improve its fundraising and refocus its vision.

We began to broadcast new content beginning in July 2017, with broadcasts airing for several months on KTLR/K279CR for a local audience, and then in November with the local broadcasts being replaced by monthly shortwave broadcasts via several relays (WRMI, WBCQ and Channel 292).

In April 2018, BSR moved to doing weekly broadcasts on WRMI, with occasional programs on other relays as finances permit.

Who is behind BSR?

Broad Spectrum Radio is a non-commercial project of James M. Branum, a Shortwave radio enthusiast, amateur radio operator (KG5JST), as well as progressive Mennonite minister, peace activist and attorney, husband and father.

Much of the programming aired on BSR originates from the Upwave Media Project of the Center for Conscience in Action, including Nappy Roots Radio, Peace Buzz and Exploring Aspergia. BSR also occasionally airs the Mennonite Radio Program from Joy Mennonite Church of Oklahoma City.