BSR – International Shortwave Relay Stations

Our Current Broadcasts:

Our currently weekly international magazine format show is broadcast is on two frequencies from WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida, USA, on Mondays, both simultaneously at 07:00 UTC (02:00 time in Oklahoma).

The frequencies are:

5850 khz AM: Aimed northwest at Vancouver, Canada hitting much of North America and parts of Eastern Russia

7730 khz AM: Aimed Southwest ward toward Australia & New Zealand, hitting much of North and Central America and Oceania along the way.

Of course radio propagation often has surprises, so we have listeners from outside of the targeted areas (i.e. French listeners have heard the 7730 broadcast).

Channel 292 LogoWe occasionally air broadcasts on other stations too (as finances permit), most often on Channel 292 in Rohrbach, Germany at 6070 khz AM for the avid shortwave listeners of Europe. These broadcasts will be announced on some of the different DX radio listener email groups as well as on our facebook and twitter pages.

History of Past Shortwave Broadcasts:

BSR has been aired on several different shortwave relay stations in the past, including:

  • wbcq-logo-200WBCQ in Monticello, Maine, USA – Pioneering shortwave radio station opperated by ex-pirate radio broadcaster Allan Weiner.

  • WINB in Red Lion, PennsWINB LogoPennsylvania, USA

  • Unique 3210 LogoUnique Radio 3210, Halls Creek (and later Gunnedah), New South Wales, Australia